Today’s teenagers are a generation for whom the difference among online and real world interaction practically does not exist. The deification of this is Facebook, which began as a social networking site, but which now is a nightspot open 24/7. Facebook currently receives more visits on a daily basis than Amazon and Google. The site has 1.15 billion monthly active users, each using their individual page to message, post blogs and bulletins, and photos of themselves. It is accurately that formation of identity that has made it such an adolescent sensation. For millions of young people, the Internet is like a narcotic. And the madness of the cyberspace and of adolescent hormones can be an especially strong combination. According to an article from the Daily News a sixteen-year-old teen met an 18-year-old male on Facebook. The relationship, which began as a friendship, became stronger on the site. When her father and mother, who disagreed with the relationship, tried to block her online access to him, her parents were shot dead by the guy. The Internet feeds fantasy. Young people can be Internet warriors, Internet seductress. Teenagers are using these sites to carry on fantasy. On the Cyberspace, people are permitted the chance to be the best. Besides, unpopular, lonely, or troubled teenagers go networking and play the roles they want to be. It doesn’t matter if anyone is in fact reading his or her postings or not: it just feels great to let it all out, and see it documented forever.