zin-watching-tv reality_tv_collage

Nowadays, reality TV is one of the fastest rising, and most accepted type of shows on the air and with many types, it is almost absurd to turn on the TV and not come across some kind of reality show. Although we have made enormous achievements in the area of racism, many destructive and negative stereotypes still prove and are reinforced to us all through television programs in our every day lives.

This is particularly accurate in the field of reality TV where folks are specially cast to complete certain stereotypical roles, the sexy party girl, the player, the gay/lesbian, the girl next door, the angry black guy, the good black guy, the smart Asian. It is easy to apply Gerbner’s Cultivation Theory to this concept because it evaluates the way the television both builds new and reinforces old perceptions of social real world. The mirror image of stereotypes in real world TV directly corresponds with Gerbner’s concept of the “double dose” because “in the course of struggle and negotiation over the context of race, we make sense of it in manners that reinforce or correspond to our own social and cultural reality”. Because of this, our interpretation of what it is like to be Hispanic, White, Black, Asian, is constantly being re-emphasized, accommodated, and mainstreamed. For these certain racial parties this leads to both a lack of equal freedom, a limited sense of identity, and restrictive feelings about what they might able to achieve.